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Three-dimensional flexible welding platform
Three-dimensional flexible welding platform

Three-dimensional flexible welding platform

The three-dimensional flexible welding platform is used for welding, machining and inspecting workpieces...

The three-dimensional flexible welding platform is used for welding, machining and inspecting workpieces. For example: the steel structure, all kinds of vehicles bodywork, bicycle motorcycle manufacturing, engineering machinery, frame and body, pressure vessel, robot welding, sheet metal processing, metal furniture, equipment assembly, industrial pipe (flange), detection systems, electrical machinery (high voltage switch, transformer, power control and so on three dimensional flexible welding platform with high efficiency, economy, the characteristics of flexibility, accuracy and durability.

1. Flexible

The three-dimensional flexible welding platform has high load-bearing capacity and stable steel. Its five surfaces are all machined with regular holes and are engraved with cables. The welding platform can be easily extended and expanded. The extended standard mesa can be modularized and connected directly. The process of installing, adjusting and locating the workpiece can be used to display the general function of the flexible 3d composite welding tooling system, especially in the application of large workpiece.

2. High efficiency

At present, the frame structure of the small batch were required to be effective, such as fast out of the samples, the product, so the traditional welding fixtures often cannot meet the need, (design, manufacture, debugging cycle is very long, generally in 1 to 3 months.). It usually takes only a few hours to complete a set of welding jig with three dimensional flexible combination fixture. At the same time also greatly shortened the new product development cycle!

3. The economy

Three dimensional flexible welding platform is only useful to a workpiece or a process, so you can see, some of the development of more than a few years manufacturers have a large number of no or little use of jigs and fixtures, venue cost, storage cost but no one to calculate. In particular, frame structures tend to be larger products, and therefore, storage costs are higher.

With our three-dimensional flexible welding platform, the cost of dedicated tooling for each product change can almost no longer be spent. The device is easy to operate and safe to use. The user can quickly assemble the different requirements according to the need, just like children playing with a jigsaw puzzle.

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