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3d welding casting platform
3d welding casting platform

3d welding casting platform

The 3d welding casting platform is based on the principle of welding fixture in machining...

Three-dimensional welding casting platform is according to the principle of welding jig design in mechanical processing, and through the platform base class type slot hole accessories, accessories and attachments mutual collocation connection, able to quickly form a set of welding equipment.

The hole diameter of the 3d welding casting platform produced by our company is 28, and the distance between the hole and the hole is 100*100. Flatness 0.05/1000; Verticality 0.05/200; The thickness of the foundation plate is 25mm. The attachment width is 50mm.

The five working faces of the three dimensional welding casting platform are equipped with the mesh marked holes of 100x100mm (D28 series) or 50x50mm (D16 series). Five of the plane, parallel, vertical precision and tolerance of hole and the hole position precision is very high, guarantee on the table and mesa and the use of combination between other modules have enough accuracy. The size of the base table can be arbitrarily selected from 1000x1000mm to 4000x2000mm, and the special size can be customized.

Three-dimensional welding casting platform standard module have positioning and clamping Angle blocks, l-type positioning block, u-shaped positioning block, general block, general clamping and positioning of angular mode (0-225 degree adjusted), V block and v-shaped Angle mode. All modules on 50 or 25 mm intervals are standard orifice (28 or Φ Φ 16), can realize rapid positioning and clamping workpiece.

The clamping device has a flat, vertical and 45-degree clamping device according to the clamping direction; According to the operation mode, bolt clamping, quick clamping, handle screw clamping; And manual, pneumatic or hydraulic. The spiral clamping device with compensation is the most commonly used. This kind of clamping apparatus for increased flexibility in the cantilever, offset the lateral force component when clamping, to compensate for the deformation of the jig itself and inserted into the process of clearance, ensure the clamping force and the bearing surface vertically.

The clamping head is made of carbon steel, stainless steel and nylon material to suit different workpiece requirements. If the bridge is equipped with two points and three points, the workpiece can be clamped in two positions with different heights simultaneously. In addition, the special clamping head can be processed according to the clamping type surface.

Fast locking pin is the basic part of the hole system clamping system to realize quick positioning and clamping. Five steel balls are placed in the front end of the pin. After inserting the positioning hole, manually turn the pin (or trigger the quick handle) by hand, and the five steel balls pop up and lock on the inclined plane of the hole to complete the positioning and clamping. When released, the reverse rotary pin can be pulled out. The locking force of each pin can reach 5 tons and shear force 25 tons. The shape and length of pin bolts are available in a variety of sizes.

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