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Special 3d flexible welding platform
Special 3d flexible welding platform

Special 3d flexible welding platform

Flexible welding process equipment for three-dimensional hole series...

Special three dimensional flexible welding platform is actively promote modern welding field by using the theory of group technology and form the efficient flow of welding production process, special three-dimensional flexible welding platform can change the traditional varieties of specialized equipment and tooling, the effective area, it is difficult to keep, design of high cost and high maintenance costs. Using CAD aided design to establish the welding positioning and clamping model, the application of special 3d flexible welding platform is more flexible and extensive.

Flexible welding process equipment for three-dimensional hole series.

Three dimensions: the three directions of the general fixture are vertical and horizontal without vertical direction. The platform has two directions, and the four corners can be installed vertically to achieve the three-dimensional combination.

Hole department: the main characteristics of the fixture is from the platform to the attachments are standard hole without the traditional thread or t slot, with rapid locking pin can make assembly more convenient, more accurate positioning.

Combination: because all the accessories are prefabricated, can be combined and adjusted according to the requirements of the product. 

Flexible: because of the above function can vary according to the product of a complete set of equipment, a fixture can complete several dozens of products or product requirements, thus greatly accelerate the process of the product research and development, trial production, save a lot of manpower and material resources and financial resources, environmental protection and low-carbon products).

Welding: this special 3d flexible welding platform is a universal fixture designed for the manufacture of welding products. It is convenient, flexible and precise for welding, and it is advanced in many ways with traditional welding methods.

Special three dimensional flexible welding platform is the metal cutting processing areas using the theory of modular fixture used in the field of sheet metal such as welding processing, from the traditional T platform, groove system platform developed three-dimensional flat faces of modular fixture system.

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