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Cast iron platform
Cast iron platform

Cast iron platform

Cast iron platform is also called cast iron flat plate, the appearance is basically box type, the working face has rectangle, square, circle and so on...

Also called cast iron plate, cast iron platform is basically a box type appearance, face such as rectangle, square, round, materials for HT200-300, QT400-600, scraping the inquiry process, can be processed on the working plane V, T, u-shaped slot, long dovetail groove, round hole, hole, etc., is used for workpiece, equipment testing, marking, assembling, welding, assembling, maohan flat benchmark measuring tool.

The standard of flat surface of cast iron platform is usually determined according to the usage. The platform above the level of level 3 is used for inspection, marking, assembly and so on. The cast iron platform below the level of level 3 is generally used for rivet welding and so on.

Cast iron platform bearing, cast iron platform, surface precision, cast iron platform weight, cast iron platform material requirements, etc. Cast-iron platform is mainly used in more than 20 industries, such as machine tool manufacturing, electronics and electric power, among which heavy industry is the most widely used, accounting for 95% of the total output.

The cast iron platform should be installed and debugged first. Then, face wiped clean of cast iron platform, in the case of confirmed there is no problem, in use process, attention should be paid to avoid artifacts and face a drastic collision of cast iron platform, prevent damage streak plate working surface; The weight of the workpiece more can not exceed rated load of cast iron platform, otherwise it will cause the quality of work is reduced, and may damage the structure of the cast iron platform, even can cause deformation of cast iron platform, make damage, cannot use.

General cast iron platform a long service life, as long as the correct way to use and put, precision cast iron platform working face can be used to keep more than 2 years, cast iron platform reduced accuracy when can restore through debugging or scraping the grinding process, the service life of the cast iron platform itself can reach 50-100 years, so, in the process of using cast iron platform should pay attention to don't in damp, corrosion, high and low temperature environment use and storage, it can prolong the service life of cast iron platform, ensure the quality of work.

There will be some errors in the design and actual design of the appearance and size of the cast iron platform, such as the long, wide and high diagonal lines of the cast iron platform, generally between + 0.02 (a or b).

The specifications of the cast iron platform include: 200mm x 300mm, 300mm x 400mm, 400mm * 500mm * 500mm * 500mm, 500mm * 500mm, 500mm * 800mm, 500mm * 800mm, 500mm * 900mm, 1000mm x 750mm, 1000mm * 1200mm, 1000mm * 1500mm, 1500mm * 2000mm, 1,000mm * 2000mm, 2000mm * 3000mm, 2000mm * 4000mm, 2000mm * 6000mm, 2500mm * 6000mm, 3000mm * 6000mm, 3000mm * 6000mm, 3000mm * 8000mm.

Accuracy: according to national standard metrological verification procedure. They are 0, 1, 2, 3.

specificationsPrecision gradespecificationsPrecision grade
0level1level2level3levelFine plane0level1level2level3levelFine plane
100×1004826  2500×2500  72180270
200×10051020  3000×1000   168248
200×20051020  3000×1500   174154
300×20061224  3000×2000   184275
300×30061224  3000×2500   186276
400×30061224  3000×3000   210300
400×40061224  4000×1000   210300
500×30061224  4000×1500   210300
500×50071428  4000×2000   219310
600×40071428  4000×2500   228340
600×50071428  4000×3000   240360
800×5008163280 5000×1500   249370
800×6008163280 5000×2000   255375
900×6008163280 5000×2500   264390
1000×7509183690 5000×3000   287420
1000×100010203996 6000×1500   287420
1200×1000 203996 6000×2000   293430
1500×1000 2448120 6000×2500   300450
1500×1500 2550125 6000×3000   308460
2000×1000 2652129 8000×1500   366500
2000×1500  56140 8000×2000   370520
2000×2000  601522308000×2500   375530
2500×1500  641522308000×3000   382570
2500×2000  68168248      

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