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Use and introduction of the underlined box

Feb 06, 2018

The line box is an empty cavity cube made of cast iron or steel, one of which has a V groove. (also can process T groove. The box can be customized according to user's requirement.

The measurement and inspection of the parallelism and verticality of the cutters and mechanical parts.

Manufactured by JB/ t3411.56-99, the material HT200 is used for the inspection and marking of the parallelism and perpendicularity of the parts, and the universal box is used for testing or drawing any Angle line of the precision workpiece.

Environmental conditions of verification: normal temperature, constant humidity.

No rust, scratches, cracks, dents and other defects affecting the measurement performance shall be allowed in each working face of the box. Non-working face should be clear sand paint, edge chamfer.

Verification method: for side length is 315 mm and the following box, verification on both ends of parties on the surface of the box checked each place 1 mm gage block, put the blade shape ruler gauge block, and then be in according to the dosage of misconduct in block plug, equivalent and both ends gage block set is just into the size of the block size for this is the difference between the deviation between the misconduct on both ends. This verification shall also be carried out in the longitudinal, transverse and diagonal sections of the working surface of the square box. Error in the measured the location of the straight line in the same direction when take its maximum, when the error direction inconsistent take its most dazheng difference and maximum differential negative sum of absolute value of flatness of the tested surface plane.

Test the tablet
Test the tablet
Cast iron platform
Cast iron platform
Three-dimensional flexible welding platform
Three-dimensional flexible welding platform
Granite platform platform
Granite platform platform
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