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The concrete processing method of T groove platform

Feb 06, 2018

T slot on the platform of T slot after a planer or gantry milling machine, T slot can't directly with T slot milling cutter machining, because there is no spiral chip groove, T knife in slot chip can't fluent line, it is easy to broken knife! Besides, the cutting performance of the forming tool is not as good as the end mill, but it is relatively convenient. It is recommended to start with the end mill! And then use the t-knife! Note that the cutting fluid should be sufficient and the pressure is high. First use the vertical milling cutter to open the groove, depth in place. Use T groove cutter to open T groove!

Use polish processing, workpiece according to need t-slot cross after good line straight groove with a knife to open first and then with a custom-made cross-cutting knife horizontal slot line out, but the horizontal trough must pay attention to the knife easily. The workpiece is marked with the desired dovetail groove and then removed with a cutting knife, and then the dovetail groove is opened with the left and right side of the knife.

The processing procedure of T groove is summarized as follows:

1. Draw the line as the baseline according to the required size.

2. Milling to the desired depth with a milling cutter smaller than the required T slot.

3. Milling the same large milling cutter to the desired depth with the required T slot.

4. Finish milling with the same large T milling cutter as needed.

The finished T groove can guarantee its opening width and the straightness of the whole groove.

Test the tablet
Test the tablet
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Three-dimensional flexible welding platform
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