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Normal use and maintenance of welding platform

Feb 06, 2018

The maintenance of the welding platform generally has the following steps:

1 ht200-250 commonly used material, welding platform is easy to rust in humid environment, the platform use after cleaning face, with anti-rust oil daub, long time don't have to use butter and then covered with paper, to ensure that the cast iron platform face does not rust, in use should pay attention to avoid hard tool banging on working face of cast iron platform, to ensure the accuracy of the cast iron platform working face.

2. In order to prevent the overall deformation of the welding platform, after use, the workpiece should be removed from the welding platform to avoid the deformation of the welding platform due to the long time of the workpiece.

3. When the welding platform is installed, the various supporting points of the cast iron plate shall be adjusted by adjusting the iron pad and the cushion, and the welding platform shall be adjusted to the qualified precision by the professional technicians.

4. When the welding platform is used, gently release the workpiece, and do not move the rough workpiece on the welding platform so as to avoid the damage to the welding platform's working face, such as bumping and scratches.

5, in order to prevent welding deformation of the platform, when hoisting welding platform, with the four elements of the same length of wire rope and welding platform in the four lifting holes, welding platform stable hoisting in transportation, general welding platform supporting points cushion, cushion, make sure every point force uniform, ensure that the entire cast iron plate smoothly.

6, when the welding platform without timely to clean the face, and then coated with a layer of anti-rust oil, and anti-rust paper cover with packing for welding platform will build good welding platform, in order to prevent the usually do not pay attention to on working face of cast iron plate damage.

7, welding platform shall be installed in the ventilation, dry environment, in the process of using welding platform should pay attention to don't in damp, corrosion, high and low temperature environment use and storage, and away from heat source, corrosive gas, corrosive liquid.

8. The welding platform shall be subject to periodic weekly inspection according to national standards, and the verification cycle may be 6-12 months according to the specific conditions.

9. It is better to use a special cover made of wood planks (the outer packing of the platform), and use the hood to cover the work mask of the platform when not using the platform. Water drops are strictly prohibited on the working surface of the cast welding platform and plate.

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Test the tablet
Cast iron platform
Cast iron platform
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Three-dimensional flexible welding platform
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Granite platform platform
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