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Casting process of large machine tool bed casting

Feb 06, 2018

Large machine tool bed casting is mainly used for machine tool plate manufacturing, simply accept the casting process. In order to make full use of the liquid metal under pressure, it should be considered in the process design.

Basic characteristics of low pressure casting process: filling speed and pressure can be adjusted appropriately. For low pressure casting, there are two types: metal type and non-metal type. Metal mold for more large, mass production of non-ferrous metal casting, non-metallic mold used for sheet small batch production, such as sand, graphite, ceramic shell type and model, etc. Can be used in low pressure casting, using more or sand mold and production. However, the air permeability and strength of the molding materials used in low pressure casting are high, and the gas in the cavity is discharged through the exhaust channels and the sand pores.

Low pressure casting is a casting method to make the liquid metal finish filling cavity and solidification process. Due to low pressure (20~60kPa), it is called low pressure casting. Its technological process is: in the sealing of the crucible (or sealed cans), ventilation with dry compressed air and liquid metal under the action of gas pressure, the lift tube into the SPR 3 rise, through the sprue smoothly into the cavity 1, 2 and remain on the surface of the liquid gas pressure in the crucible, until the casting solidification completely. Then the gas pressure on the liquid surface is relieved, and the unsolidified metal liquid in the riser pipe is returned to the crucible, and the casting is opened and taken out.

The casting of castings away from the gate solidifies first, so that the gate finally solidifies, so that the casting can be redrawn through the gate in the solidification process and the order solidifies.

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Test the tablet
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