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Coating process of machine tool bed casting

Feb 06, 2018

Technical requirements for coating process of machine tool bed casting:

1. Before the machine tool bed casting is coated, the bed casting should be checked, and the tool should be used to repair the uneven surface, and the surface dirt should be removed.

2. After mechanical processing, the bed casting should be washed or washed with metal cleaning agent or clean industrial gasoline before painting, to ensure thorough cleaning of oil and other contaminants on the surface.

3. Apply the primer brush or spray and soak evenly. The primer must be thoroughly stirred before use and diluted until the appropriate year.

4. The atomic ashes filled with the casting sag should be added to the appropriate curing agent according to the instructions of the product, and it must be thoroughly stirred before use.

5. If you've used vinyl chloride filling lathe bed casting sag, each blade coating shoulds not be too thick, the thickness of the coating in 0.5 mm or so commonly, each blade coating after must wait to cleaning coating material dry.

6. After the use of vinyl chloride filled bed casting sag, it must wait for its drying to be polished. After each grinding, the surface grinding and dust shall be cleaned thoroughly.

7. The water grinding technology is used for grinding, so as to prevent the surface rust of the machine casting process, it is necessary to use anti-rust water to polish it.

8. After polishing, if there is a metal exposed phenomenon, it is necessary to brush the supporting primer.

9. After the last putty is cleaned and cleaned, it needs to be sprayed with the second primer of vinyl chloride, which can improve the flatness of the paint film and enhance the luster of the paint film.

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Test the tablet
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