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How does cast iron plate hardness test?

Feb 06, 2018

Cast iron plate inspection method is in the cast iron flat face with good test equipment to be tested, in does not add weight, the comparator of measuring head and touch on work face (for accurate detection, can be put between the measuring head and face a thin gauge block) and make a note of readings. Then put the weight on the bracket as mentioned in the previous paragraph, and record the reading of the comparator at this time. The absolute value of the algebraic difference of two readings is the deflection value of the cast iron plate under the rated load. After unloading the load, it is necessary to observe whether the comparator is returned to an empty reading. If it fails to recover, it should dissected its cause and test it from the ground up.

Iron plate hardness test, inspection equipment:

One, comparator, common torsion reed comparator;

2. Weight (load);

3. Weight bearing, which is arranged in the middle of the cast iron flat working face, should not have any connection with the beam;

4. - beam, diagonal direction equipment along iron plate working face, it should be satisfied with rigidity;

5. - block, used for supporting beams;

Vi. - cast iron plate.

Test the tablet
Test the tablet
Cast iron platform
Cast iron platform
Three-dimensional flexible welding platform
Three-dimensional flexible welding platform
Granite platform platform
Granite platform platform
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