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The precision and bearing requirements of the underlined platform

Feb 06, 2018

When the customer purchase of the underlined platform, it is necessary to understand the precision level and bearing requirements so that the manufacturer can design and manufacture the marking platform according to the requirements of users. Where is the importance of precision and bearing?

Precision of the marking platform: it can also be said that the flat surface degree of cast iron plate can be divided into 0, 1, 2 and 3.

The precision standard of cast iron plate can be found in JB/ t7974-2000 of the mechanical industry standard of the People's Republic of China. The accuracy standard is chosen according to the usage. The cast-iron flat plate with above 3 grade accuracy is used for inspection, marking, assembly and so on, and the cast iron plate with the lower precision of grade 4 is generally used for rivet welding and so on.

The bearing requirement of the underlined platform: the bearing of the underlined platform refers to the deformation deflection of the marking platform after the weight of the iron flat plate area. For the sake of understanding, we can see that the cast iron flat plate can withstand the pressure without affecting the normal use.

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Test the tablet
Cast iron platform
Cast iron platform
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Three-dimensional flexible welding platform
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