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Check the use and maintenance of cast iron plate.

Feb 06, 2018

Check the cast iron slab for installation and debugging before use. Check the cast iron plate for installation and debugging before use. Then you can use it. Without installation debugging qualified on the test of cast iron plate work is meaningless work, non-professional personnel installation and debugging of the cast iron plate is illegal operation, is likely to damage the structure of the cast iron plate, even can cause deformation of cast iron plate, make damage, cannot use. Therefore, before use, we should have professional staff to install and debug the cast iron plate, and the installation and debugging of non-professional personnel is the illegal operation, so we must not adopt it.

Test of cast iron plate face to wipe clean, in the case of confirmed there is no problem to use, in use process, attention should be paid to avoid artifacts and crossed the platform of working face has a drastic collision, prevent damage streak plate working surface; More can not be more than the weight of the workpiece crossed platform rated load, otherwise it will cause the quality of work is reduced, and may damage the crossed platform structure, even can cause deformation, crossed the platform damage, cannot use.

1. In order to prevent the harmful deformation of the cast iron plate, the supporting branch shall be supported at the main branch when the plate is loaded. When supporting, try to adjust the working face of the plate to the horizontal plane.

2. In order to prevent the tablet from permanently deforming, after the inspection or marking is completed, the workpiece should be carried off and not placed on the tablet for a long time.

3. After use, clean the working face of the tablet in time and apply a layer of anti-rust oil. If you don't use it for a long time, it's best to put a layer of butter on it and put a layer of white paper on it.

4. It is better to use a special cover made of wood planks to cover the flat plate when not using a flat plate. Water drops are strictly prohibited on cast iron plates.

Test the tablet
Test the tablet
Cast iron platform
Cast iron platform
Three-dimensional flexible welding platform
Three-dimensional flexible welding platform
Granite platform platform
Granite platform platform
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